Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinterest Advice Needed

Hope everyone is having a good week!  Happy Australia Day to those living down under!  Well, I have caught up on orders and am looking forward to finally tackling my sewing room. 

We moved last summer and I couldn't wait to have my own space to sew and scrapbook.  The room finally got painted and now it is time to set it up and organize.  I have put it off far too long.  The hard part is where to put everything and the set-up will be key to maximize my space especially when my daughter wants an art table in there for her to do arts and crafts with mommy or while mommy sews.  All this being said, I thought I could get some ideas from Pinterest.  I am new to Pinterest and could use any help or suggestions you are willing to give. 

In the meantime, I plan to use my creativity to create new Valentine, St. Patty's Day, and Easter Owls for my Etsy shop and Simply Charmed Boutique.  I am full of ideas and have a book full of sketches that are just dying to get out and turned into plush owls!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Year is Here!

Well it looks like I am not meeting my goal of blogging more often.  I guess you just can’t do it all and when life gets busy it leaves less time for this.  Maybe the New Year will bring about more posts and now tweets.  I finally joined Twitter (@tzburps) and Pinterest (TZ Burps).
I am excited to share that TZ Burps is off to a great start so far in 2012.  I hope to keep the momentum going.  Only 10 more sales away from 200 and my shop’s 2 year anniversary on Etsy is March 5th.  My goal is to reach 200 sales by March 5th.  My new favorite product to make are the bubo owls, they seem to be the right size and price.  You will be able to enter to win a free customized bubo owl starting Monday at RockerByeBaby’s blog.  I have also enjoyed making the mini owls/birds.  20 of them just went on a journey to Canada for a 1 year old’s birthday party!  You can enter to win your choice of mini owl or bird at Lindsey’s Fluff n Stuff on Facebook from now until Feb 1st.  Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it and TZ Burps has a lot of new items ready to ship for the special day, so make sure to check out the Etsy shop.  Thanks again for being such great supporters and here’s to a hooteriffic 2012!